The Process

Our Process for placing a Social Worker at a school

Step 1: Funding:

KRJT developed partnerships with individuals, organizations and businesses. In order to continue, maintain and expand this service to the community, funding is needed.

Step 2: Partner with the school:

1)Investigate which schools in the greater Kuils River has an urgent need for a Social Worker.
2)Contact and arrange appointment with the principal of the school.
3)Identify the need of the school and the learners.
4)Enter into a formal partnership (contract) with the school.

4.1) Strategic Plan;
4.2) Office space or classroom;
4.3) Implement Social Worker services; and
4.4) Regular follow-up and feedback sessions with principal and Social Worker.

Step 3: Monitoring

The KRJT Trustees monitor and evaluate the execution of the contract with the Social Worker.

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