Sponsor a school

At KRJT we believe that when you impact the life of a child with the gift of having a Social Worker available, you also impact that school as well as the community.  You also have the option to sponsor one Social Worker for a full year!!  Why don’t you make this venture part of your companies CSI project?

This full year sponsorship, will also include all the benefits as mentioned above.  The total cost of sponsoring a Social Worker for a year, depends on the need of the particular school as well as the skill set of the Social Worker placed.

On average, it costs the KRJT around R 260 000 to have one Social Worker for a single year.

When sponsoring a school, you will be recognized as a sponsor and the KRJT will regularly keep you updated on the work done by the Social Worker as well as the impact your sponsorship has made at that school.

You will also have the option of making a once off sponsorship, or a recurring monthly sponsorship.

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